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How to add Logos & Images to your Google Business Profile

  1. Sign in to Google My Business:
  2. Select Your Business:
    • From the list of businesses, click on the one you want to manage.
  3. Navigate to the Photos Section:
    • In the menu on the left-hand side, click on “Photos”.
  4. Choose the Photo Type:
    • Within the Photos section, you’ll find different categories like Interior, Exterior, At Work, etc. Select “Exterior” to add photos of the outside of your business.

Remember, When adding photos to your Google Business Profile, it’s important to consider the following guidelines for photo sizes and quality:

  1. Upload Your Photos:
    • Click on the upload button or drag and drop your photos into the designated area.
    • Ensure the photos are high quality, accurately represent your business, and are well-lit.
  2. Review and Publish:
    • Once the photos are uploaded, you can review them. Make sure they are the correct orientation and show your business positively.
    • After reviewing, click Publish to add them to your profile.
  3. Minimum Resolution: Photos should be at least 720 pixels wide by 720 pixels high. Higher resolution photos are preferred, as they provide more detail and appear more professional.
  4. Aspect Ratio: The ideal aspect ratio for photos is square (1:1), but other dimensions are also accepted as long as they maintain a balanced and clear view of your business.
  5. File Size: The maximum file size allowed is 5 MB per photo. Larger files may need to be resized before uploading.
  6. File Format: Google Business Profile supports photos in JPG or PNG format.
  7. Quality: Photos should be in focus, well-lit, and without significant alterations or excessive use of filters. The image should be a true representation of your business.
  8. Coverage and Variety: Including different views of your business, such as the entrance, signage, and surroundings, can provide a comprehensive view to potential customers. Make sure the exterior photos showcas

Tips for Exterior Photos:

  • Quality: Use high-resolution images to ensure they are clear and appealing.
  • Relevance: Make sure the photos accurately represent the physical location of your business.
  • Visibility: Take photos during the day when your business is easily visible.
  • Coverage: Try to capture different angles and sides of your business to give a comprehensive view.

Regularly updating your photos can help potential customers get a better sense of your business location and appearance, which can be influential in their decision-making process.

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