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What do the different location statuses mean?

What do the different location statuses mean?

Check below what are the possible contract statuses that each location can have and some important facts about them:


  • The location is up and running, being sync-checked and updated regularly. 
  • Billed as per product plan.
  • Will automatically renew (if not cancelled before the last day of contract).


  • If a location is deactivated, we will cancel the connection between the location and the directories. The status will change from ‘Active’ to ‘Inactive.’ 
  • The directory entries will remain online but they will no longer be updated by us. Furthermore, some directories will remove the content which was once pushed from our platform. 
  • If the location’s product plan duration has not ended, it will still be billed.


  • The location is up and running, sync-checked and updated regularly. 
  • Will be billed as per the product plan until the end of the contract. 
  • Will not be automatically renewed. 
  • Will be set to inactive once the contract ends.


  • If you close one of your locations in our system by clicking on the field Delete location from directories and platforms, the status of the location will change to ‘Closed.’ After deleting your location, it will be marked as permanently closed on the following directories:
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Foursquare
  • Other directories will remove the entry of the affected location.
  • The request for removal is done directly for ‘Closed’ locations. There is no need to sync the location to send the removal request to the directories. 
  • Closed locations are not billed. If the location was ‘Active,’ once it is changed to ‘Closed,’ it is not billed moving forward. 
  • The last subscription end date is kept.

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