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How do I sync my location data?

How do I sync my location data?

Syncing your location information with our publishers means that they will be updated with the latest changes you have made.

You can either do this manually by clicking on the sync button per directory, or enable automatic syncing so that it happens automatically.

Continue reading to learn more about your syncing options.

Manual Sync

There are two ways to manually trigger the sync of your location data.

Option 1

  1. Go to the locations tab
  2. select the box next to the location name (as shown in the image below)
  3. Click ‘Start Sync’ on the top right

This will trigger the update of the selected locations. This method allows you to select multiple locations at once.

Option 2

  1. select the location you’d like to sync
  2. go to the ‘Profile’ section
  3. Click ‘Sync Now’ in the top right corner

Automatic Sync (Recommended)

Any change in the data will be synced in the respective sync intervals to the directories without any further action required.

To activate this option, toggle on the ‘Auto-sync’ button on the location profile section.


You can activate the auto-sync option with the bulk import function‍ for multiple locations at once. Change the autosync value (Column AK) in the import template to ‘TRUE.’ 

You can manage your locations’ sync status with the dropdown menu on the ‘Locations’ tab.

  • Both actions can be found at the location level, allowing you to independently sync locations.
  • On the general overview of your locations, you will only be able to trigger the Sync Now option. 
  • You can also turn on Auto-Sync for your locations via the Import tool‍ by updating the auto-sync column to your preferred value (‘true’ to switch it on or ‘false’ if you would like to sync manually)

How long does it take for changes to be visible in the directories?

There are two ways to synchronize your directories: manual sync and auto-sync. Manual sync means that you have to do it yourself, while auto-sync means that the changes will happen automatically.

Each directory has different synchronization times, which can range from immediate updates to taking a couple of minutes or even days. Google, for example, will apply the changes as soon as they happen. Other directories may take a bit longer.

The creation of a new listing may vary from just a few minutes to taking days, depending on the directory.

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