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Understanding the dashboard

Understanding the dashboard

The first page of the Control Center is the tab labeled Dashboard. In this tab, you can see the performance of your establishments at a glance. 

  • The navigation panel is displayed on the left side
  • The central dashboard gives you an overview of completeness, removal of duplicates and establishment offers as well as insights on Google My Business and Facebook
  • Right side – the activity panel displays real-time deal activity
  • Top right corner – settings, change language, mini FAQ
  1. Detailed explanations of each widget are displayed when you hover your mouse over the “i” icon.
  2. In the first two boxes of the dashboard, you can see if any  actions are needed , based on the completeness of your profile, such as updating store information, for example: missing opening hours. You also benefit from a summary of the places on which your establishment appears.
    In the third box, you will find an overview of the duplicate profiles that we have removed.
  3. You can filter the dashboard statistics by business name, address, business number, and tag. Add a filter for a specific time period to get more specific. Download your statistics to an Excel file for further analysis. (There you can get a deeper insight into the stats sections).
  4. Google and Facebook oriented widgets will bring you deeper insights. Check and uncheck the boxes to show Google-specific granular data.
  5. In the dynamic bar (activity stream) on the right, you can see in real time what happened on your profiles . For example, see where we updated your data or see which establishments have received feedback or ratings.
  6. The navigation bar on the left allows you to move comfortably between menu items.

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