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What are profile suggestions?

What are profile suggestions?

This is a feature intended to help you to improve the completeness of your location’s profile.

How Do 'Profile Suggestions' Work?

We look for values for the fields you have not filled out in our platform or that have received user suggestions on main directories like Google. We will pull suggestion data with every sync check. You will be able to choose:

  • to replace the empty field/existing value in the field (in our platform) with one of the options we suggested; or
  • to input your own content and ignore the suggestion coming from other directories.

This is a great way to quickly improve the Profile Completeness. 

Where Are 'Profile Suggestions' Found?

The suggestions can be found on the (multi) locations overview under Locations > Profile Suggestionsas well as on the location level, under Profile > Suggestions.

We also display the directory where the suggestion is coming from, and it is possible to filter the suggestions according to the directory.

What Fields Are Currently Supported?

  • short description
  • long description
  • email address
  • fax number
  • location imprint
  • opening hours
  • opening hours notes
  • special opening hours
  • phone number
  • attributes
  • website

What Is The Logic Behind 'Profile Suggestions?'

Profile Suggestions will be presented to users when:

  • We find values on directories for fields that are empty on our platform’s profile.
  • We find values on directories for photos that are not on the profile, and we will also do this for attributes and special opening hours.
  • We find values for non-empty fields in our application, therefore values that directories are using for their listings but they are different to the values that we have, resulting in directories not being in sync with our profile.


We currently provide suggestions for non-empty fields coming only from Google, since it’s the directory that makes these updates available to us. For the rest of the directories, we pull suggestions only in case the corresponding profile field is empty in our application.

What happens if:

  • You accept the update: we will update the location’s profile in our platform with the value coming from the directory.
  • You confirm you want to keep the location’s profile as it is: we will ignore the directory suggestions and keep trying to update the profile with our value.
  • You don’t do anything: we will decline the suggestions but keep them displayed to you in your Direction Local listing, giving you the option to add at a later stage. Alternatively, you may dismiss profile suggestions indefinitely.

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