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Your Customers Are Searching For You

Every day, people are searching for what you offer. They’re ready to do business and looking for the right provider.

SEO Success Factors

People use Google search more than 40,000 times every second. What are they searching for? Relevant results. It’s increasingly important that businesses match their website strategy with phrases their customers are searching to show Google that they are a high-quality, trustworthy source.

Our combination of quality content, advanced tools, and proven techniques are unmatched in the digital marketing industry. Whether your goal is dominating local, regional, or national search results, our process will deliver measurable, long-term gains. It’s time you get more leads and more sales.

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Work with us for a clear SEO strategy, visualized in your own, custom SEO campaign portal.

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  • See your action items
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  • View your campaign roadmap & progress on all fronts: Technical, Backlinks, & Content Strategy + so much more!

What if Your Website...

Became a powerful and cost-efficient lead generator for your sales team?

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We provide your business with comprehensive, effective, fully managed SEO services that result in perfectly targeted traffic, leads and sales.

We target your buyer persona pain points, establishing your brand as a thought leader to transform your website into a valuable resource for your audience — and a valuable source of qualified leads.

We bring your entire marketing and sales funnel together from attracting visitors to closing new customers and building automated systems to promote retention.

The result? Less hassle, more control, and a digital marketing strategy that actually works. We build a lead generation and sales channel for your business that you own. All with the core focus of growing your bottom line.

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SEO Campaigns designed to create a dominant search engine presence for years to come

The vast majority of search traffic is on the top of the first page of Google. Therefore, we first identify search terms you’re ranking for - just not at the top. These are terms that Google already likes you for which have yet to reach the top three positions. We then work on pushing those terms up with an effective, long-term strategy. If you aren’t ranking on the first page of Google for terms related to your business, you’re missing out on a ton of traffic. Even worse, that traffic generates into real dollars, and it’s going straight to your competitors. It’s time you invest in SEO.

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Research, Strategy, Processes & Execution

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Our goal is to drive better, more targeted traffic to your website – with the ultimate goal of directly impacting your revenue growth month over month.

Using specific, research-backed strategies to maximize wins, we develop custom, long-term inbound sales strategies.

We’ve analyzed tons of data. We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned to develop custom packages that reflect the culmination of all our data, expertise and experience in skyrocketing businesses to the top of Google.

The Result? You get a powerful digital marketing solution with authoritative digital PR, premium content, and, best of all, our best-in-the-business staff & support.

Targeted Traffic

More targeted traffic equates to more leads and more sales. It’s that simple. What that means for you varies from business to business. Some of our clients use the boost in sales to grow their organization, opening new locations and hiring more employees.

Lead Tracking

Focus all aspects of your marketing with built-in analytics and lead tracking, thus leveraging critical insights into your target audience, while optimizing your website for conversions and drastically cutting your cost per lead.

Authority Building

Show Google you’re a relevant, reputable business. Build trust by transforming your website into a place of thought leadership. Establish credibility through exposure on high-authority, industry related websites and mentions from news sources.

It’s time you show Google that you’re a high-quality, reputable, relevant business that has what people are searching for. Discover the benefit of Google rewarding your company for that effort by placing you at the top of the results when people search for what you offer.

Advanced Market Research & Analysis

Dominate your market with local SEO

We reverse engineer your competitors to find valuable traffic that you’re missing out on. This analysis results in a large list of valuable search terms that you aren’t currently targeting, but your competition is.

We use this research in crafting unique blog content to attract your perfect customer. By combining these strategies, we’re able to achieve massive boosts in targeted traffic while out-ranking your competitors in search results.

We then implement a fully custom strategy to produce the best results.

Create a Winning Web Copy & Blog Content Strategy

We craft 100% original content that is relevant to your company's audience to improve your website traffic, user engagement, and conversions.


We'll include at least one free stock image per article to boost readership and time spent on-page.

Crafted to Be Found (SEO-Optimized)

As an SEO Company, ensuring the content we write for our clients is discoverable is a top priority. We use proper heading tags, create engaging title and meta descriptions, optimize image title and alt descriptions, add bulleted lists and other formats to make the article easy to read and valued by search engines and users.

Authoritative Content

All content includes references to reputable sources. This helps promote trust in both search engines and users.

Quality Content

We'll go above and beyond the standard 500 word blogs by double - and you'll love the content! We don't write anything less than amazing - see what our clients are saying: Read Our Client Reviews

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Effective Inbound Marketing Services Tailored For Business Growth

What if you had the ability to turn down the jobs and clients you don’t want? If you could focus on the aspects of business that you enjoy most? It’s time you take control of your business to enable the life you deserve. Spend less time working and more time with family without having to worry about your business in your absence. Through SEO services geared at driving a consistent influx of sales, you can have a growth plan that practically steers itself.

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Fully Certified to Get the Job Done

Bring all guns on deck and begin dominating your market. The competition in your industry is fierce, and you want whatever it takes to be on top. Turn your business into a sales magnet with Direction Inc. on your side.

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Take Command of Your Online Presence & Dominate Your Market

We offer business owners the opportunity to have their own team of experienced web designers & developers, marketers, writers, and online marketing strategists to fine-tune their website to appear front and center when people are actively on the digital hunt for their products or services.

Whether it’s an existing website or we’re building a brand-new one, we’ll comb through it from top to bottom to ensure that every detail is optimized for search engine visibility and performance.

Place Yourself Ahead of The Competition With a Team of Technical SEO Experts

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Ranking in search results comes down to building trust with Google.

If you think about Google as a product, what makes it so successful? What makes people use it more than 40,000 times every second?

It’s simple. When you search Google for information, it gives you relevant results that match what you were looking for. So it makes sense that Google favors websites that have high-quality, relevant information, fast loading times, and great user experience. Not to mention – optimized for mobile devices.

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