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The Importance of Sharing Content

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the importance of sharing your content online

Sharing content involves distributing information over the internet. This information can range from textual updates and comments to images, videos, and various file types. Depending on the user’s preference, content can be made accessible to a select group of individuals or be made public for widespread viewing, accessing, or downloading.

Sharing your blog content is essential to growing your online presence and reach. When you share your content, you are increasing the likelihood that people will see it and engage with it. The more eyes on your content, the more opportunities you have to convert leads into customers. Below are just a few of the most important reasons why sharing your blog content is so important.

Also, considering that data has recently oil as the most valuable commodity in the world, it’s important to collect data on your visitors. Data such as where on the site are reading, leaving, converting, etc.

There are a variety of ways to do this, like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc. But what drives users to your site in the first place?

Here we’ll discover the benefits around sharing content, why it’s important, and the value it provides your customers.

You guessed it, sharing content is the primary thing that drives users to your website. Sharing quality content on a regular basis builds your sites authority and trust scores for search engines.

Sharing Content, It's Not Just a Social Thing Anymore

When you think of content sharing, posting on social media comes to mind first, like sharing viral videos and pictures for instance. But, shared content is tons of things outside of social media as well.

Digital content is anything published by your website, business, or team about your niche. This spans over lots of categories, from blog posts, social media posts, and to press releases, podcasts, and eBooks. The sky is the limit.

The one thing all these different content pieces need to have in common is quality and brand voice. Whenever you’re sharing content, it needs to be well-researched, on-brand and engaging to the correct audience.

Why Share Content?

People share content because we want to connect with other humans. Businesses share content because they’re told they have to. Your goal as a business owner is to tap into that sense of connection you have as an individual.Share things because it will help you connect with the people who you want to use it. Don’t produce just to be producing. Make quality an important factor of all the content you create and share.

What Is Content Anyway?

Content has taken on a meaning all of its own in the digital age. While it could also mean happy and amiable, in this case, it should be something that makes the people who view it happy and amiable.

Content is information and communication. It is the glue that keeps your audience on the site. It keeps them from bouncing away to competitor websites. Between the written words, visual media, video, and more, content is the thing that keeps people interested in your brand.

Content is anything you produce and syndicate across any platform on the internet. Any medium is viable. It’s what gets your business attention.

Engaging content in the form of title and meta tags are what get users to click through to your website from search results.

The Most Common Forms of Content

While content has such a broad definition, there are a few notable types that come to mind first:

  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Posting
  • Press Releases
  • eBook Publishing
  • Video Production and Syndication
  • Podcasting and Audio Production

You can use some or all of these content types to build your brand and share content across the web.

The Undeniable Benefits of Sharing Content

So, you’ve been consistent.

You’re building awesome content and posting it on consistent bases. 

You’ve submitted two press releases about new products you’re releasing.

You’re texting the new blog posts to your friends and family to read.

You’re asking customers, friends, and family to share with people they know.

You’ve got an email campaign going.

But, How does all this give you a return on your investment (ROI)?

1. Sharing Content Benefits Your Customers

Content, especially blog posts, are a fantastic opportunity to speak to the people who use your services. The good news? You already know what they want to read about.

Write down the next 10 questions you receive from customers about your services. Stick each of them in a Google search and collect 2-3 more related questions people are asking about that query.

Now you have 10 top-notch, niche relevant blog posts that answer questions your customers are asking you. The more questions you answer for free, the more trust you build in the industry.

Write some content on how to DIY some of the simpler aspects of your niche. Give your customers the tools they need to do some of the work you don’t want to handle anyway.

This way, when they call you, they could have already tried the most basic solutions. You’re not going to waste your time on a super simple fix, and they aren’t going to complain about paying a professional for you to be there for five minutes.

They’ll call you when they need a real professional to help.

2. Higher Search Engine Rankings

The benefit to your website will be search engine rankings. The more high-quality content your site produces, the more Google and other engines pay attention.

When you build links to your content or syndicate a press release, you’ll get positive buzz linking back to your site. Sometimes, you can get calls and emails from the press release itself.

Those high-quality backlinks and stellar content syndication also give your site major SEO juice.

At the end of the day, the rankings you receive should begin driving your website traffic, and ultimately with the right conversion optimization tactics in place, sales.

3. Increased Brand Awareness

When people click-through to your content from multiple places, be it social media, emails, text messages and more, Google understands that as a strong brand signal, thus increasing the trust in your website.

All of this adds to your brand visibility in the marketplace. The more your name appears across the web, the more authority your business merits. Sharing content in a variety of mediums and on a variety of platforms fast-tracks your brand authority.

Stay Relevant and Build Authority by Sharing Content on a Consistent Basis

At the end of the day, we want to make our customers happy and convince more of them to choose us. Wouldn’t you want to take advantage of any opportunity to do just that? Wouldn’t you want to do it even more if the solution was free?

Sharing content helps boost your SEO, your business and answer your customer’s questions. You can create the content yourself. You can hire a writer for your blog.

In any case, quality content syndication will get you noticed online. You’ll earn more of the free traffic organic search rankings brings. Sharing content consistently will optimize the return on your marketing spend.

Ready to start kicking your content game into high gear? We got you.

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