3 Simple Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks to Dramatically Improve SEO

3 simple CRO hacks
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    Whether you own a business site, you’ve been in the blogging game for a few years or you’re just getting started online, you’ve probably heard of SEO.

    Search engine optimization is the process of making your website Google, Yahoo, and Bing friendly, so that it shows up first when people search for specific words or phrases. 

    Another equally important aspect of successfully running a website is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). While SEO has become a buzzword over the last few years, CRO remains heavily underrated.

    The guide below will share three simple ways to improve your SEO by using conversion rate optimization. Because, at the end of the day, what is the point of ranking if your customers don’t take action?

    After reading this post, you should feel confident enough to implement some CRO strategies on your website. So, let’s check out our top three CRO tips below.

    working on website conversion rate optimization tactics

    Introduction: What is CRO?

    CRO, or conversion rate optimization, is the process of guiding people towards taking your desired action when they visit your website.

    You design each page, and each element on your on your site pages towards visitor interaction. With more interactive sections on your website, you give visitors more opportunities to become buyers. 

    You can utilize CRO techniques on any of your webpages, including homepages, landing pages, blogs, and pricing sections. Spend some time looking at your website to determine where you can employ conversion rate optimization for the best results. 

    why CRO cannot be ignored

    3 Alarming Reasons You Need to Invest in CRO for Your Website

    Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of CRO and how to use it, you might be asking…why should I even bother using conversion rate optimization techniques on my website? You already have people reading and visiting your site, what more do you need? 

    Whether you monetize via affiliate programs, lead generation, or e-commerce, properly implemented CRO tactics turn visitors into customers. With the increase in revenue, you can turn out more high-quality content and have confidence that your site is effective as a sales tactic. 

    The simple answer is that you should invest in CRO to gain more revenue from your website.

    If you want to make more money with your site, let’s go over some manageable ways to add CRO throughout your website without being too pushy. 

    3 Simple Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks to Dramatically Improve SEO 1

    1. Conversion Rate Optimization Leads to Sales

    The simplest way for you to improve your SEO using conversion rate optimization is by partnering with an expert. Companies like Convertica focus exclusively on CRO for businesses. Whether you have a small following or a massive audience, getting a third-party to focus on CRO is helpful. 

    If you are just getting started, a CRO agency can help you organize your website to increase conversions by 20 to 100%. Plus, having a team dedicated to making your content and website optimized for conversions lets you focus on creating blogs your audience will love and growing your following. 

    If you have been blogging for a while, you’ll have a bit more work involved to make your site conversion rate optimized. It might seem overwhelming to focus on CRO if you have a lot of content already, which makes a third-party company’s involvement crucial. 

    3 Simple Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks to Dramatically Improve SEO 2

    2. Your Homepage CRO is Your Company Foundation Online

    No matter what type of blog you run, your homepage is the prime candidate for utilizing conversion rate optimization. Your homepage is typically the first thing visitors see when they click on your website link or when they type it in because they were referred to you. Your task here is to draw them in and keep them interested so that they continue to stay on your site and take the options you want them to take.

    Here are some essential CRO techniques that work well on a homepage without overwhelming your audience:

    3 Simple Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks to Dramatically Improve SEO 3

    Emphasize Interlinks to Product or Service Information

    Chances are, most people clicked on your URL because they are curious about what you sell, so why not make it easy for them to find your products? Blogs that utilize affiliate programs or lead generation can place relevant through-links in the intro. 

    Add Chat Boxes, Strategically Timed Pop-ups, Call-to-Action buttons, and Videos

    3 Simple Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks to Dramatically Improve SEO 4

    Implementing the right type of engagement methods depends on what works best to get your target audience interested in your content. 

    3. Optimizing Your Best Blog Posts Skyrockets Rankings & Engagement

    3 Simple Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks to Dramatically Improve SEO 5


    Both newbie bloggers and veterans can benefit from optimizing their blog posts to boost their conversion rates. Before you begin, go through your writing to determine which articles garner the most traffic. Choose your top 5 to 10, depending on how much content you have. 

    Once you have your choices, go back and sprinkle CRO tactics throughout the article. Don’t be excessively heavy-handed, as this will take away from the primary intent of the post. Instead, focus on the following:

    • Add call-to-actions on each page, which can range from through-links to email requests
    • Make your audience curious enough to take action through your language
    • Set up a click-through opportunity to receive an authentic discount at checkout

    Limit the conversion rate optimization methods that you use to two or three per article, depending on the length. You don’t want to risk overstuffing with CTA’s and popups, ultimately turning away readers. The goal is to make them excited to take action without feeling pressured. Gather their interest, and then prompt them to take action.

    3 Simple Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks to Dramatically Improve SEO 6

    Pro Tip: Be Subtle yet Assertive

    Have you ever been on a site that had so many possible actions that it was overwhelming? *Forbes*

    If you’re like most people, busy websites are a major turn-off, and you end up exiting out of the page without taking any action. 

    With conversion rate optimization, you want to convert your audience into customers and leads without pressuring them. Keep this in mind while reading the next sections. Think about your specific audience and what would appeal most to them – provide real value. Remember, you probably won’t ideally make use of CRO on your first try. 

    Keep experimenting until you find the combination of conversion rate optimization techniques that work best for you. 

    I’ve Done What You Asked, Now What?

    Unfortunately, CRO, just like SEO does not work overnight – results from marketing takes time. Now you have to sit tight and wait while you run tests as traffic comes in.

    You’ll want to run A/B or split testing once you’ve added the optimizations to your website. Essentially, you’ll be comparing the traffic of your old webpage to your updated site to see which garners more customers. 

    There are a few ways you can run the split testing, depending on how you used CRO. For now, keep tweaking and running tests until you find your ideal CRO balance that works for your business.

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