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How can I verify my Google Business Profile (GBP) locations or my account?

Locations in GBP must be verified in order to be managed by their owners

Google offers a range of verification options (see all options here), but in your Google Account you will only see the verification options that are available for your business. 

The options available for your business are defined by Google.

There are two types of verification processes: locations can either be verified individually or via bulk verification.

Individual Verification

A successful individual verification results in one verified location

The verification of individual locations can be done via phone, postcards or in some cases via email (only if each location has individual email address). For more information click here.

Postcards for individual verification can take up to 14 days, therefore we highly recommend using phone or email verification where applicable.

In the platform, the process will look like this:

individual verfication for GBP

Bulk Verification

A successful bulk verification results in a verified Google Account and consequently all locations in that account.

Bulk verification is only possible for businesses with more than 10 locations. 

Refer to this article for possible solutions to common issues that delay bulk verification

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