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8 Reasons Your Business Needs to Follow the SEO Trend in 2022 & Beyond

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Did you know that Google processes about 40,000 searches every second

Out of all those queries, only a fraction make it to the top of the Google results.

If your website is not there yet, it’s time you give SEO a priority in 2022. Jumping on the SEO trend will allow your website to stand out from the competition.

Need more convincing? Here’s eight great reasons SEO is important.

1. SEO Will Give Your Business Results Long-Term

One of the main reasons why you need to jump on the SEO trend in 2023 is the fact it provides you with long-term results.

Unlike billboards or other paper advertisement methods, SEO will stick, and not fade away or be tossed into the trash can.

While SEO results are so long-term, it takes a little bit of time for an SEO campaign to get off the ground.

For example, a new website might have to wait 6 to 12 months for their SEO campaign to produce results.

Although 12 months might seem like a really long wait, the results of a well-done campaign can last for many years. Having long-term results should be important to every single business out there.

More established businesses can also benefit from SEO if they’re hoping to generate more exposure.

SEO is hands-down one of the best investments for both new and established businesses. 

2. SEO Is Cheaper

As mentioned in the previous point, it might take up to 6 months for you to see results using SEO.

Yes, you’ll be spending a lot of money up front. However, once the initial investment pays off, you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on SEO.

This means you’ll be spending a lot of money up front. However, once the initial investment pays off, you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on SEO.

With paid ads, on the other hand, you have to pay for monthly service or on a pay per click basis.

The problem with that? Well, the moment you stop paying for paid advertisement, the leads to your site will stop. 

Although you’ll invest a lot of money up front, SEO will be cheaper in the long run. Even if you stop your SEO efforts after six months, your site will still see organic traffic for many months to come.

3. SEO Has a High ROI

Return on investment is the way a business or company can measure the effectiveness or efficiency of investment or campaign.

The ability to have a high marketing ROI is something every business needs to be conscious of.

When you have a budget available to invest in SEO, you will be able to see a high ROI.

However, you need to keep in mind the results won’t be immediate.

On average, most businesses need to wait 6 to 12 months to see a significant return on their money spent.

If you fail to stick to it for as long as you should, you will not be able to see a healthy return.

Just like anything else, consistency is key.

Investing in SEO will be an investment for the future of your business. 

4. Organic Searches Drive the Most Traffic

According to a study, organic traffic is responsible for 51% of all traffic to a website.

The fact that SEO will drive over half of your traffic alone is a pretty darn compelling reason to invest in it.

If you don’t take SEO seriously in 2019, your site could miss out on thousands of visitors.  

5. Build Trust and Credibility

With over 1 billion websites, 2019 is more important than ever for you to establish yourself as an authority in the field. People want to visit websites that show up on the top of the search results.

This is one of the main reasons why getting into the SEO game is so important in 2019. You aren’t just trying to write content filled with keywords. You are becoming a thought leader, an authoritative voice.

Visitors will shy away from visiting any website they don’t consider to be useful.

If you gain credibility and trust, then you will gain authority. Once this happens, your website will attract more organic traffic. 

6. SEO is Quantifiable

A problem with some types of ads is the inability to quantify the results. For example, if you put an ad in a magazine, you don’t know how many people saw the ad.

With SEO, you will be able to see a detailed analysis of who visits your website. The analytics report will show you where your visitors live, how much time they spent, and if they clicked on other pages within your site.

Knowing this information will allow you to adjust your strategy in real time. If you see you’re not hitting your target audience, you can make adjustments to make sure you reach your goal.

There are plenty of SEO tools that can help you also identify the ranking of your competition, link quality, page speed, and more.

7. Your Audience Has Access to the Right Content

Another reason why you want to focus on SEO in 2019 is to give your audience access to the right content.

With SEO you will be able to target specific content and keywords to make it easier for visitors to find it. This means they will spend less time searching for content, and more time on your site.

You can’t just jump in willy nilly and write blog posts based only on the keywords you want. We’re talking about providing a compelling user experience here. You need for your readers to click on the next post, and the next page, another article, the content should keep people on your site.

You need to create a long term plan with massive umbrella topics that align with the main keywords you’re trying to rank for and specialize in.

Then you need to come up with 20, or 50, or whatever amount of posts necessary that answer each question anyone could have on these topics. You need to make them relevant, fun to read, and better than anything else out there on the subject.

8. Attract More Local Customers

If you’re a small business looking to attract more local business, then you have to give SEO a priority in 2019.

People looking for a particular product or service in their area will use specific keywords in their search. For example, someone looking for a plumber will type “plumber in, San Diego.” All of the businesses using SEO will come up and the person can take their pick.

In order to help you with your local SEO efforts, Google offers a great tool called Google Business ProfileUsing Google Business Profile, business owners can enter all of the contact information such as hours of operation, address, phone, website, and more.

SEO in 2024: The Bottom Line

Now that you know how important SEO is to your company, make it happen. Remember SEO will help you attract more local customers, build trust, give you a higher ROI, and provide long-term results.

Do you want to stay trendy? Check out this article to learn more about SEO trends that will dominate 2024.

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