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11 Types of Google Business Photos to Boost Your Local Presence

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Google Business Photos

Strategically showcasing vivid, updated Google Business photos that connect with customers at emotional levels can help triple visibility in crucial local search results for brands leveraging this often overlooked tactic of photo marketing correctly.

To make your Google business profile stand out from the competition, it’s crucial to add images that accurately represent your brand and offerings.

But do you know the best practices for choosing, optimizing, and uploading Google Business photos?

From my experience, the average business that ranks well for local searches uploads a minimum of 2 photos per week, and it’s a mix of different types of photos.

In this guide, we’ll provide an in-depth look into how to leverage Google Business Photos to create captivating visuals that accurately represent your business and draw more potential customers.

From selecting the right photos for your storefront to understanding image perception with Google Vision AI – we’ve got it all covered.

What are Google Business Photos?

Google Business Photos are images uploaded to appear alongside a brand’s listing within Google Search and Maps. These eye-catching visuals showcase products, services, storefronts, menus, teams, customers and more to boost click appeal, convey helpful information, and build authentic connections with local searchers.

Optimized correctly, Google Business Photos can dramatically strengthen visibility and engagement for regional establishments.

There are 11 Types of Google Business Photos to Choose From

1. Exterior Photos

Showcase your storefront or building. Make sure you add photos that are eye-catching and inviting.

Direction's offices in Austin, Texas

2. Interior Photos

Highlight key areas of your establishment. Entice potential customers to come and experience your place by providing them with a peek of what they can anticipate.

Direction's interior office space

3 Product Photos

Display what you offer to customers. High-quality product photos are essential for driving sales.

4. Food and Drink Photos (if applicable)

Showcase mouth-watering dishes at restaurants or cafes to entice foodies everywhere.

5. Photos at Work

Photos that help people understand what people in your company do.

Team collaboration at Direction HQ

6. Photos at Office

Photos of maybe a break room, coffee area, kitchen, company gym, etc.

Sara working at Direction HQ

7. Rooms (for Hotels)

Photos of the different types of rooms available.

8. Team Photos

Show off your team spirit and company culture – images of you and your team having a blast at work.

Direction team at SaaStock

9. Business Logo

Pretty straight-forward here. Make sure it’s not pixelated.

10. Cover Photos

Design a photo for the top of your profile that best represents your company (think of a Facebook or Twitter cover photo, for example).

Direction at SaaStock

11. Google Business Post Photos

When you post an update/sale/special to your GBP, you’re able to attach an image.

How to Optimize Images for Google Search

You might be wondering how search engines perceive these visuals.

No worries. We have some tips on optimizing them using tools like Google Vision AI. 

  1. Analyze image content: Understand which elements within each photo will attract attention from both users and search algorithms alike.
  2. Add relevant metadata: Include descriptive alt text, captions, titles, etc., ensuring better visibility in search results.
  3. Compress images: Use tools like TinyPNG or TinyJPG to reduce file size without sacrificing quality – faster loading times equal better user experience.

Now you’re all set to create a visually appealing and search engine-friendly Google business profile.

Eager for more tips on improving your local search rankings? Dive into our blog here.

Adding Team Photos and Public Spaces Images

No doubt, folks appreciate getting a glimpse of the people behind an organization. That’s why it’s a great idea to regularly upload photos of your team, as it’s an excellent way to showcase your company culture and build trust with potential customers. But don’t just stop at headshots; consider capturing creative group shots, candid moments, or even action shots of employees in their element.

Moving on to public spaces – these images are crucial for helping customers visualize themselves visiting your establishment.

  • Lobbies: Snap a photo that highlights the welcoming atmosphere of your reception area.
  • Waiting rooms: Show off comfortable seating arrangements and any amenities available while they wait.
  • Dining areas: For restaurants or cafes, capture the ambiance through well-lit table settings and food presentations.
  • Conference rooms: Give clients an idea of what it would be like to hold meetings at your location by showcasing professional setups.
  • Retail displays: Highlight eye-catching product arrangements that entice shoppers into making purchases.
  • Hospitality accommodations: Showcase hotel room interiors along with additional facilities such as pools, gyms, or lounges for guests’ enjoyment.

To ensure high-quality visuals across all devices when uploading images onto your Google Business Profile, use Canva – an easy-to-use graphic design tool that allows resizing without compromising image integrity. Canva simplifies the resizing process for non-designers, making it a breeze to maintain high-quality imagery during resizing.

Pro tip: When taking photos of your team and public spaces, make sure there’s plenty of natural light and avoid using flash whenever possible. This will help you achieve professional-looking images that accurately represent your brand.

Uploading Videos to Enhance Your Google Business Listing

Are you ready for a game-changer? Videos can be the secret sauce to elevate your Google business listing and attract more customers. Let’s explore why videos are essential and how to craft compelling content that can make your listing stand out in search results.

Creating engaging video content relevant to your industry

The power of video lies in its ability to convey complex information quickly and effectively. Highlight what makes your business unique to stand out from competitors and give viewers a valuable insight into how you operate through stories, customer testimonials or behind-the-scenes looks. Tell stories about your products or services, share customer testimonials, or give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at daily operations – anything that adds value.

Tips on keeping videos short yet informative

Ain’t nobody got time for lengthy videos. In this day and age, it’s essential to keep your material brief yet still convey useful data. Aim for 30-60 seconds per clip – short enough not to lose attention but long enough to get the message across.

  • Create a clear structure: Start with an introduction, follow up with key points (preferably three), then wrap up with a call-to-action (CTA).
  • Focus on one topic per video: This helps maintain viewer interest and makes it easier to create a series of videos covering different aspects of your business.
  • Edit ruthlessly: Trim any unnecessary footage, tighten up transitions, and ensure the audio is crisp. A polished video reflects positively on your brand.


By incorporating engaging videos into your Google business listing, you’ll not only capture the attention of potential customers but also provide them with valuable insights that could sway their decision in favor of choosing your establishment over others. So go ahead – lights, camera, action. Your audience awaits.


Key Takeaway: Uploading videos to your Google business listing can be a game-changer for attracting more customers. To create engaging content, focus on showcasing what sets you apart from competitors and keep the videos short yet informative by creating a clear structure, focusing on one topic per video, and editing ruthlessly.

Resizing Images Using Canva for Optimal Display on Google

Let’s face it, resizing images can be a hassle. But worry not. There’s an easy solution called Canva, which simplifies the process even if you’re not a design pro.

Why is this important? Properly sized visuals are crucial in making a lasting impression on potential customers searching online.

How canva simplifies the resizing process for non-designers

Canva’s user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop features make it easy for even non-designers to resize visuals quickly and effectively. You simply upload your image, select the desired dimensions or choose from pre-set sizes, and voilà  – a resized photo. No more wrestling with complicated software or losing sleep over pixelated results.

Maintaining high-quality imagery during resizing

We all know that resizing can sometimes lead to compromised quality. Not with Canva. It automatically adjusts resolution while keeping your image crisp and clear – no blurry mess here. You can also make adjustments to factors such as luminosity, contrast, and saturation for further refinement of the visual. All these features work together to ensure that your photos look stunning across devices when added to your Google My Business profile.

Now that we’ve tackled resizing, let’s move on to understanding how Google perceives your images and optimizing them accordingly.


When it comes to your Google Business Profile, images are a crucial component. They help potential customers get a better sense of your business and what you offer. Here are some tips to optimize your images:

  • Regularly upload photos to your business listing. This shows Google that your business is active and engaged with potential customers.
  • Upload images in PNG format to maintain high quality.
  • Include a variety of photos, such as product photos, team photos, and interior shots, to give potential customers a well-rounded view of your business.
  • Make sure your cover photo accurately represents your business and is visually appealing.
  • Remove any outdated or irrelevant photos to keep your profile up-to-date.
  • Use professional images instead of stock photos or stock imagery. This helps your business stand out and appear more authentic.
  • When sourcing images, make sure they are in line with your brand and messaging.
  • Optimize your images for search views by including relevant keywords in the file name and alt text.
  • Share your images on social media to increase visibility and promote your business.
  • Highlight your most popular products or services with high-quality images to attract potential customers.


By following these tips, you can ensure that your Google Business Photos are working for you and attracting potential customers to your business.


Happy optimizing.

Understanding image perception with Google Vision AI

Let’s talk about image perception.

When it comes to optimizing your business photos for Google, it’s crucial to understand how search engines perceive them.

This is where Google Vision AI comes in (pun intended).

So, what does this tool do?

How Google Vision AI evaluates image content

In a nutshell, Google Vision AI analyzes your images and provides insights on their content.

This powerful technology can detect objects, faces, landmarks, logos, and even emotions within your visuals.

Pretty cool stuff.

Tips on optimizing photos based on AI analysis

  • Action #1: Use high-quality images that accurately represent your brand and offerings. Blurry or pixelated pictures won’t cut it in today’s competitive market.
  • Action #2: Ensure there are no inappropriate elements in the background of your shots. You don’t want any surprises when potential customers check out your profile.
  • Action #3: Keep text minimal within images as search engines might struggle to read it. Instead, use alt tags or captions to provide context if necessary.
  • Action #4: Be mindful of color contrast – make sure important details stand out against their surroundings so they’re easily identifiable by both users and algorithms alike.

Taking advantage of these tips will help you optimize visuals for better visibility and engagement online.

Make your visuals attractive and pertinent to potential clients for the greatest chance of drawing them in.

Ready to give Google Vision AI a try?

Test it out with their drag-and-drop demo and see what insights you can uncover for your own Google Business photos.

Optimizing image size with Squoosh, TinyPNG and TinyJPG

Alright, let’s talk about image weight optimization.

So, you’ve chosen the perfect photos for your Google Business Profile, but have you considered their file size?

Enter Squoosh.appTinyPNG and TinyJPG, three lifesavers in the world of local marketing.

Why are these tools so important? Let me explain: 

  • Faster loading times: Smaller files load quicker, enhancing user experience while browsing local businesses in search results.
  • Better SEO results: Search engines favor websites with optimized images that don’t slow down page load time. Win-win.
  • No quality loss: These tools compress your images without sacrificing visual appeal. Your pictures will still look stunning.

Sounds great, right? Here’s how to use them effectively:

Step #1: Choose your tool

The choice is simple – is my personal favorite, and it’s actually created by Google.

Step #2: Upload images & compress them like a pro

Navigate to either site and upload your business profile images by clicking on “Upload Files.”

In no time at all (seriously.), they’ll be compressed and ready for download. Magic.

Step #3: Replace your original images with optimized versions

Now that you have your compressed images, upload photos and replace the original ones on your Google Business Profile to enjoy all those benefits we mentioned earlier.

And there you have it. A simple yet effective way to optimize image weight for better local search rankings and user experience. Give TinyPNG or TinyJPG a try today – trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

FAQs in relation to Google Business Photos

Why are photos important in Google Business Profile?

Photos play a crucial role in Google My Business as they help showcase your products, services, and establishment to potential customers. High-quality images can attract more visitors, enhance user experience, and increase engagement with your business listing. They also contribute to building trust and credibility among users.

Can Google Photos be used for business?

Yes, Google Photos can be used for businesses to store and manage their visual content efficiently. With its cloud storage capabilities, you can easily access your images from any device while keeping them organized. Additionally, it allows seamless integration with other Google services like Google Business Profile.

Why are some Google Business photos not approved?

Google may not approve certain business photos if they violate the photo guidelines. Common reasons include poor image quality or resolution; inappropriate content such as nudity or violence; promotional material like watermarks or logos; irrelevant imagery unrelated to the business; or duplicate images already on the listing.

What Is the limit for Google Business Profile photos?

There is no specific limit on the number of photos you can upload to your Google Business Profile. However, adding relevant high-quality images that accurately represent your offerings will improve customer engagement and overall online presence. It’s essential to maintain a balance between quantity and quality when uploading pictures.

Can I Use Stock Photos?

No, according to Google’s guidelines, you are not allowed to use stock photos. Remember, you are supposed to be uploading photos of your business, REAL photos. If you are adding stock photos, you’re not being transparent. Add images that are real, please.


When it comes to local SEO, optimizing your Google Business profile is key. Your photos and videos should reflect your business and capture the attention of potential customers. Keep in mind that images can help with local map results and “near me” searches, so, make sure your image titles include relevant keywords to optimize their visibility online.

Fortunately, there are a variety of useful tools available to make the process easier – Canva for creating visuals with minimal design skills, Google Vision AI to understand insights about image content, Squoosh for image optimization, and our local SEO app for simplicity of publishing images.

It’s essential you take advantage of these resources and keep your profile up-to-date to increase your local search performance.

So what are you waiting for? Start optimizing your Google Business profile today – check your local search performance in under 60 seconds for free!

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