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How to Use Google Posts The Right Way (7 Examples)

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Learn how to leverage Google posts to increase your local search visibility

By frequently publishing localized, rich content through Google Posts, businesses can stay top of mind with current customers while also reaching new audiences that are actively searching for or engaging with information related to their products and services.

Revolutionizing your local lead generation with Google Business Posts can provide a significant boost to your online visibility and customer engagement. By leveraging the power of Google’s vast ecosystem, you can effectively fuel lead generation for your business and stay ahead of the competition.

In this article, we will explore various strategies to maximize the potential of Google posts.

We will discuss how to leverage Google Business Profile posts to increase local search rankings, ensuring that your business stands out in search results. Additionally, we’ll delve into different types of posts available on the platform and how they cater to diverse marketing needs.

To ensure maximum impact from these efforts, we’ll share valuable tips on optimizing your GBP and each post type for optimal reach and engagement. 

What are Google Posts?

Google Posts are short updates with images, GIFs, or videos that businesses can publish directly to their Google Business Profile to engage customers and highlight timely information.

Appearing prominently on knowledge panels in Google Search and Maps, these posts allow companies to share announcements, offers, events and more to both inform existing patrons and become discoverable to new ones searching for related products or services.

Essentially, Google Posts enable relevant, eye-catching content creation that keeps audiences continuously informed while also serving as an SEO-friendly format for attracting nearby visitors.

5 Key Benefits of Google Posts

We’ve identified five key advantages that come with consistent and strategic posting, including increased visibility, improved customer relationships, and higher local search rankings.

1. Increase Visibility in Local Search Results

One of the key benefits of Google Posts is that they appear prominently in the knowledge panels displayed in Google Maps and Search results. When a user searches for a business or related keyword, up-to-date and relevant posts will catch the searcher’s eye right away.

Without Google Posts, businesses struggle to showcase fast-changing offerings in higher-ranking local search entries that tend to favor static business info and reviews. Posts give you control to programmatically insert fresh content and announcements right into a prime spot for discovery.

The effect over time can be dramatic by consistently highlighting what makes your business unique, seasonal or special in a visitor-friendly format shaped for local searches. You essentially create an always-updating billboard in Local Knowledge Panels for promoting new products, events, deals and showcasing your difference as a brand.

2. Help Customers Find Updated Information About Your Business

When a business publishes new content via a Google Post, it is featured conspicuously in the “Posts” section of their knowledge panel in Google Search and Maps. This section is situated towards the top of the panel, making it one of the first things users see when seeking information.

For example, if a retail store creates an announcement post regarding new winter inventory, when local shoppers search for the store or related terms like “cold weather gear”, they will quickly notice the timely post headline and imagery at the top of business info. This allows the store to proactively showcase in-demand products vs. waiting for searchers to potentially find dated website content instead.

Additionally, posts have a distinct visual presentation that differentiates them from other static info in knowledge panels, with eye-catching formatting. This further draws user attention to the featured content. Also, panel posts in Maps present timely updates specific to a searched location for quick discovery.

3. Keep Customers Informed on the Latest Service/Product Offering and Events

One of the major advantages of Google Posts is the ability to immediately share new announcements with your existing customer base. As soon as a business releases a new product or service, they can draft a descriptive Google Post highlighting the details, features, price promotions etc. and publish it instantly to their followers.

Local stores can utilize posts for timely updates like special shopping hours, sidewalk sales or inventory updates. Restaurants are able publish opening and closing times or showcase menu additions and daily specials.

Service companies can announce new locations, enhanced offerings or staff additions to provide transparency to customers. For time-sensitive updates like flash sales or last minute cancellations, real-time posts ensure fans are notified right away no matter where they are searching from.

Without posts, businesses traditionally had to hope customers saw emails/website banners or visited in person. Now, loyal followers that care about a brand can literally be among the first to know anything by checking and engaging with brand’s Google Posts routinely for all the newest updates relevant to them.

4. Drive More Visits and Actions by Featuring Promotional Content

One of the most effective uses of Google Posts for businesses is highlighting special deals and limited-time offers. For example, a restaurant can create a visually engaging post announcing a 15% off coupon code for first-time customers. This post can stand out clearly within their knowledge panel for searchers browsing dining options in the area.

The true value comes from adding a clickable call-to-action button/link within the promo post leading directly to the restaurant’s website for redeeming the coupon. This convenient path from discovery to conversion is far more effective than just hoping website visitors organically find dated coupon details buried elsewhere.

Without the convenient clicks straight to your own website from actionable posts, you miss out on conversions from interested customers in moments where their buying intent is hottest. Promo posts showcase time-sensitive offers and seamlessly connect searchers to your site to transact easily. The end result is a lift in lead generation and sales.

5. Stay Top-of-Mind with Your Audience

One major advantage Google Posts have over static website content is the ability to publish vibrant imagery, videos and GIFs natively to catch viewer attention. 

Over time, audience growth and engagement build, as consistent multimedia posts provide transparency, entertainment value and helpfulness that followers crave.

The more a business satisfies these needs with fresh content, the more existing and potential new customers turn to them as digital thought leaders and trusted resources within their niche.

5 Types of Top-Performing Google Posts

Among the Google Post formats that consistently captivate audiences, generate clicks, and drive strong engagement, five categories stand out from the rest when crafted thoughtfully:

  1. Event Announcements and Promotions
  2. New Product/Service Releases
  3. Customer Testimonials
  4. Behind the Scenes Content
  5. Localized Community Happenings

While the reach and creative options are endless, focusing on these content formats that align unique offerings with target audience aspirations helps ensure posting efforts deliver delightful, dramatic and dominant engagement levels.

When crafted consistently over time, an optimal mix of these five top performers absorbs searcher interest to your brand story; earns visibility by satisfying their knowledge needs; and rewards your business with measurable new levels of customer attention and action powered by Google Posts sizzle.

1. Event Announcements and Promotions

Event announcements enable timely promotions of one-time or limited-run happenings that intrigue nearby searchers already browsing for related local attractions.

To maximize interest, the post headline and visuals should spotlight key details like:

  • the event name 
  • featured performer or guests
  • venue location
  • time

Posts can highlight any special experiences, entertainment offerings, or exclusive access that events facilitate to convey differentiated value versus regular business operations.

This attracts qualified attendees implicitly seeking such unique events while aiding discovery among casual searchers.

Additionally, promotional posts should emphasize limited-time availability or scarce capacity clearly in content and offer actionable registration or ticketing links. Urgency and exclusivity inspire commitments to participate.

2. New Product or Service Releases

Google Posts present the perfect medium for brands to build launch momentum for newly released products and service offerings. Posts should focus on articulating unique selling propositions, showcase the innovation in action, and prompt next steps.

  • Introduce the product/service name clearly and describe standout benefits versus competitors or the company’s own existing portfolio.
  • Supplement launch details with imagery depicting differentiators like new features for tangible goods or plan options for services.
  • Embed calls-to-action that enable interested searchers to seamlessly learn more details, find purchasing avenues or claim limited-time incentives for activating trial accounts or support plans. 

Follow-up posts are equally important for sustaining launch success over time by publishing customer reviews, showcasing growing adoption, hinting at advanced applications, and announcing version updates or ancillary products that extend implementation scope.

3. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials add credibility and social proof when shared through Google Posts. To maximize authentic impact, identify and excerpt raving fan quotes that convey genuine emotion stemming from meaningful interactions with your business.

For example, highlight powerful sentiments expressing life-changing outcomes, enormous time savings, or relief from pain points delivered by your products or services. Any vivid specifics on quantitative results/metrics or qualitative transformations hold weight over generic praise.

To build trust, accompany fan quotes with relevant context like the customer’s location, circumstances, or photo alongside text linking to published online reviews on high-authority websites. Faces and stories resonate more than disembodied commendations.

Over time, varying highlighted testimonials by demographic factors like gender, age ranges and geographic locales fosters further engagement and representation. Most importantly, ensure those featured provide consent and align to brand guidelines. Powerful word-of-mouth carries responsibility.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Content

Humans inherently crave feeling exceptional through exclusive access.

Behind-the-scenes style Google Posts that provide insider perspectives into company culture, product development, events, or processes can deeply engage audiences. 

For physical products/services, give sneak peeks at R&D labs, concept testing, creation stations on the manufacturing line, etc. Explore the artistry and care invested into offerings customers experience only as finished goods.

For knowledge/creative companies, spotlight talented teams collaborating or individual genius captured in photos/video as seminal ideas develop. Democratize access to the magic behind innovation.

For location-based businesses like restaurants, venues or stores, capture vivid scenes of meticulous setups, staff enthusiastically preparing, or venues transforming pre-event. Pull back the curtain on the orchestration required to delight guests.

Essentially these posts display the humanity and happenings customers don’t get to witness that make offerings extraordinary even before purchase. This behind-the-scenes framing fosters deeper affinity and advocacy.

5. Localized Community Happenings

Sharing involvement with community events, local partnerships, sponsorships and other civic-focused activities can build tremendous goodwill and affinity with target area customers.

Google Posts should highlight any donations, volunteer efforts, mentoring programs or other social initiatives the business participates in to give back locally. Even small contributions make a difference to those in need.

Supporting regional events and institutions also earns recognition. Give glimpses into company-sponsored festivals, performing arts programs, little league teams, etc. that embody area traditions and values.

Partnering with complementary local businesses showcases communal alignment. Cross-promote specialty retailers, niche service providers or neighboring establishments that share target audiences via Posts.

Essentially, demonstrate corporate citizenship and interconnection with the fabric of regional culture. This earns respect locally while attracting like-minded talent and visitors.

How to Optimize Google Posts for Engagement and Discovery

Google Posts must accomplish dual objectives to succeed – attracting discovery from relevant searchers while also engaging viewers enough post-click to take intended actions like visiting your sites, registering for events etc.

This requires strategic optimization across factors driving visibility and engagement. Follow these actions to ensure you’re gaining substantial reach and exposure from your efforts.

Include Relevant Keywords

Research the precise terminology potential customers use around solutions you provide via keyword tools, then directly reference these natural phrases in post headlines, body text and alt text descriptions of imagery. This signals relevancy to search algorithms.

Craft Compelling Headlines

Pose teaser questions, offer previews into addressed topics, incorporate emotional elements like humor or surprise that entice clicking for satisfying resolution. Avoid overused tropes.

PRO TIP: Add your crafted headline to AI writing tools to optimize verbiage for a more compelling headline.

Use Eye-Catching Visuals

Creative images, designs, typography, color composition video and GIF elements increase average time spent digesting content while also lifting click appeal and shareability. Invest in quality.

Google Post Image Size: The Ideal Google Business Post image size is 583px x 305px

Include a Clear CTA

To drive engagement and encourage users to take specific actions, always include a clear call-to-action within your Google Business Profile posts. Whether it’s inviting customers to visit your website, make an appointment, or sign up for a newsletter – be sure that each post has one primary goal with an accompanying CTA button or link directing viewers towards taking that desired action.

By optimizing your Google Business Profile posts using these strategies, you’ll increase their overall effectiveness in attracting new customers and improving local search rankings. This will ultimately help revolutionize your local lead generation efforts and contribute positively towards business growth.

Don't Use Hashtags

Hashtags can be a powerful tool when used strategically in your social media posts, but not your Google Business Profile posts, as there is no way (currently) to search for keywords across a variety of Google Business profiles.

Publish Consistently

Ongoing cadence refreshes your brand’s presence facing both followers and occasional local searchers. Allow time for momentum. Be realistic balancing meaningful content generation without overextending.

Track Performance Trends

Analyze metrics like click rates, website referral traffic, reactions and comments per post. Learn what works and what misses the mark. Continually optimize and test approaches.

5 Examples of Great Google Posts

Service Pets does a great job with clearly outlined call-to-actions in their images, plus, “Save Thousands of Dollars” seems like a no-brainer to get me to click!

Audi of South Austin does a great job letting people know of a huge credit in one post, and in the other, while there is no visual imagery, none is required as “No Payments Until Spring” is a pretty enticing offer.

MD Paving Pros does a great job showing a special with a percentage discount on services. With paving, you’ll first need a quote – so, this to me seems like an awesome way to generate calls for quotes.

Silver Tax Group does a great job with the post copywriting, creating a sense of urgency, while offering free consultations.

DMV Roofing Pros does a great job in highlighting attractive savings, and offering money for referrals.

Analyze Performance by Connecting Google Business Profile to Google Analytics

By using the suite of Google tools, you can get a better understanding of how your GBP and your website are performing online. Once your Business Profile is set up, then it’s time to set up GA. Once you’ve set up Google Analytics on your website (if you have WordPress, we recommend using a plugin called “Site Kit”), you can connect your Google Business Profile to your analytics account to track metrics. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account and select the “Admin” tab
  2. Under the “Property” column, click on “Google Ads Linking”
  3. Click on the blue “New Link Group” button
  4. Select your Google Business Profile from the “Link to Google Ads” dropdown menu
  5. Customize your settings, including what data you want to share, and click “Save.”

Available Metrics and Benefits of Tracking Them

Once you have connected your Google Business Profile to your Google Analytics account, you can track a variety of metrics, including:

  • Impressions: The number of times your business profile was viewed on Google.
  • Actions: The number of actions taken by users on your business profile, such as clicking through to your website or calling your business.
  • Search Queries: The search terms users used to find your business listing.
  • Customer Actions: The type of actions customers took on your Google Business Profile, such as requesting directions or visiting your website.

As a business owner, or marketer, by tracking these metrics, you’re able to gain valuable insights into how customers are finding and engaging with your business. 

Begin Generating Better Local Rankings & More Local Leads Today via Google Posts

In closing, Google Posts represent a foundational local marketing pillar every knowledgeable brand must leverage to earn maximum visibility and engagement.

As we’ve explored in this guide, purposeful Google Posting strategies can help unlock huge qualified traffic, conversions, and customer attention that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. The unique benefits, winning content types, and optimization tips covered herein demonstrate the impact thoughtful posting can deliver for increased visibility, engagement, and overall marketing performance.

If you’re interested in learning more about leveraging Google Posts and maximizing your local search visibility, get in touch with our team for a free local SEO consultation.

Frequent Questions Regarding Google Posts

Google displays posts prominently in the dedicated “Posts” section of your Business Profile’s knowledge panel shown in Search and Maps.

This puts timely, engaging user-generated content right at the top of listings when people search your business name or relevant query terms.

Craft eye-catching headlines, incorporate vibrant imagery, videos or GIFs, provide valuable announcements like events/offers, or behind-the-scenes content.

Include calls-to-action to drive visits, conversions and stickiness. Ensure topics relate to your business offerings and location to attract engaged searchers.

Google My Business enables free posting directly through your profile dashboard or mobile app. Simply setup your free Business Profile to get access and start publishing updates to engage customers and improve local SEO. 

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