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Sell More Listings by Leveraging these Real Estate Agent Review Sites

Chris Kirksey
Chris Kirksey


real estate agent review sites
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The Significance of Real Estate Agent Review Sites

Real estate agent review sites have swiftly transitioned from being an emerging trend to an absolute necessity. As brokers, it’s crucial to understand that these platforms aren’t just about accumulating reviews; they’re powerful portals designed to amplify your local search presence on prominent engines like Google and beyond.

Did you know that a staggering 62% of home buyers choose their realtor based on online reviews and ratings? This statistic underlines the importance of maintaining a robust profile across various real estate agent review sites. It’s not just about reputation – it’s about visibility, credibility, and connecting with potential clients in your local or regional area.

Through strategic use of these real estate agent review sites, you can harness the SEO advantages they offer, providing a significant boost to any digital marketing strategy. So let’s dive in, explore these platforms, and unlock the potential of online reviews in shaping your real estate success story.

How Online Reviews Influence the Home Buying Process

In this digital era, it’s no secret that online reviews are a game-changer in how potential clients navigate their home buying process. Did you know that an astounding 93% of millennials turn to online websites when hunting for their future homes? This data from National Association of Realtors underscores just how pivotal these testimonials can be.

A positive review is like a powerful endorsement – it paves the way for real estate agents to establish trust with prospective buyers even before they’ve met face-to-face. In fact, over four-fifths (82%) consumers read up on local businesses’ reviews as part and parcel of their decision-making journey. It’s clear: customer feedback matters.

The Role of Reviews in Building Trust

In today’s hyper-connected world where consumers heavily rely on online information when making decisions, trust plays an integral role.

Did you know that a whopping 66% of Americans place more faith in anonymous online reviews than personal recommendations from acquaintances? That level of trust stems from the belief that fellow consumers provide unbiased opinions based solely on their experiences with product/service providers – including realtors.

What implications does this have for you? Well…

It means it is absolutely crucial for professionals within the industry to manage their digital footprint effectively across various real estate agent review sites.

This might seem surprising but let’s think about it – we’re talking about harnessing the power and reach of the internet here. For those trying to make waves within competitive real estate industry landscapes, managing your reputation across popular search engines becomes not only important; it becomes essential.

The trick lies not merely in collecting reviews; responding appropriately — whether dealing with praises or constructive criticism — is key too. By doing so, you’re showing commitment towards client satisfaction and service quality while building credibility among prospective buyers, and gaining insights into areas needing improvement along the way.

9 Review Sites Realtors Should Absolutely Be Listed On

If you’re a broker buying or selling homes, then these real estate agent review sites should not be ignored.

These platforms are not just about visibility; they’re a gateway to building trust with potential clients — your gateway to long term success.

1. Zillow

Beyond generalist platforms like Google, there exist industry-specific websites catering exclusively towards real estate professionals — one such site being Zillow — a marketplace dedicated solely to housing property-related matters.

Zillow’s popularity among homebuyers makes this portal an ideal destination if you’re looking to expand your reach and establish a strong online presence. Listing yourself on Zillow gives you access to millions of users who rely heavily on it during their home buying process—so don’t forget to encourage satisfied customers to rate your service positively and help others make informed decisions in choosing the right agent.

In addition to these two powerhouses, other notable mentions include Facebook, Yelp, and Angie’s List, each offering unique features tailored to different audience demographics.

Remember, though, that while being present across multiple platforms has its advantages, what truly counts is how effectively you manage customer feedback, regardless of whether they’re good or bad ones.

2. RateMyAgent

RateMyAgent, a burgeoning digital marketing platform, is tailor-made for real estate agents seeking to bolster their online presence. The platform serves as a hub for agents to gather, promote, and disseminate client reviews, thereby amplifying their online reputation. What sets this platform apart is its commitment to independently verified ratings and reviews, establishing it as a reliable resource for both agents and prospective clients. These authentic reviews not only validate an agent’s performance but also set them apart from competitors, paving the way for business growth.

At the heart of RateMyAgent’s functionality is its ability to empower agents to effectively harness client feedback. Agents can solicit direct reviews from clients, a strategy that does more than just fortify their online reputation – it provides critical insights for service improvement. Moreover, the platform allows agents to magnify positive reviews across various platforms, including social media channels. This extended reach broadens their audience, attracts potential clients, and showcases an agent’s proven success.

RateMyAgent ups the ante with a unique feature – a ranking system based on the reviews received by agents. This innovative approach spotlights top-performing agents, increasing their likelihood of being recommended to individuals seeking specific real estate services. By maintaining an active engagement on RateMyAgent, agents not only enhance their online visibility but also simplify the process for potential clients to find them. This strategic engagement fosters connections and propels success in the competitive realm of real estate.


Operated by News Corp subsidiary Move, Inc., is a respected online platform in the real estate sector. Catering to home buyers, sellers, and those who simply dream of their perfect home, it offers an extensive source of for-sale properties. As a member of the National Association of Realtors, the largest trade group in the country, it is equipped with a variety of tools and resources that make homeownership more accessible and manageable. prides itself on its feature-rich app that allows consumers to search for homes to buy or rent. Adapting to the ever-evolving needs of consumers, the platform aims to streamline the processes of buying, selling, and renting homes, making the journey more enjoyable and less stressful for everyone involved.

For real estate agents, serves as a valuable tool for increasing customer engagement and enhancing their online reputation. Agents can list properties for sale or rent, gaining exposure to a broad audience of potential buyers and renters.

Affiliated with the National Association of Realtors and using MLS listings sourced from around 580 regional databases, is recognized as the gold standard for quality listings, which boosts an agent’s reputation for top-tier service.

Agents also have access to listing traffic reports, allowing them to track views on their property listings over time and adjust their strategies based on what types of properties are most popular. Plus, with half of its users accessing the platform via mobile devices, gives agents the ability to connect with clients who prefer to house hunt on the move.

4. HomeLight

HomeLight stands out as a technologically advanced real estate platform that adeptly matches home buyers and sellers with the right real estate agents. Relying on a proprietary algorithm and data, it creates an online network of local real estate agents filtered based on their performance. This makes HomeLight a convenient platform for individuals looking to buy or sell a house, or even those who intend to do both simultaneously.

For real estate agents, HomeLight offers numerous opportunities to enhance customer engagement and bolster their online reputation. One such feature is agent matching, where HomeLight’s unique algorithm pairs prospective home buyers and sellers with suitable real estate agents. As an agent, being part of this network can open doors to new client opportunities. The platform’s recommendations are performance-based, meaning high-performing agents have a higher likelihood of being recommended. This system motivates agents to consistently deliver superior service to maintain a favorable ranking.

In addition to these features, HomeLight allows clients to leave reviews and ratings for agents. Positive reviews can significantly enhance an agent’s reputation, making them more appealing to potential clients. Moreover, HomeLight operates on a referral fee model for its agent matching service, charging partner agents a fee. Therefore, the better an agent’s reputation and performance, the more referrals they may receive, further incentivizing them to excel in their service delivery.

5. Redfin

Redfin stands out as a technology-powered real estate company, operating in over 100 markets across the United States. Providing an online platform for buying and selling homes, Redfin offers updated MLS real estate listings every five minutes. This sets it apart from traditional real estate companies, as it leverages technology and data to enhance the home buying and selling experience, making it more streamlined and efficient for all parties involved.

For real estate agents, Redfin presents several opportunities to increase customer engagement and boost their online reputation. Agents can create detailed profiles on Redfin that highlight their areas of expertise, past sales, and client reviews. Given Redfin’s popularity as a real estate platform, this can significantly increase an agent’s visibility among potential clients who use the platform to search for homes. Furthermore, Redfin allows clients to leave reviews for agents, providing a platform for agents to showcase the high-quality service they provide.

In addition to these features, Redfin offers various technological tools that agents can leverage to better serve their clients and distinguish themselves from competitors. For instance, the Redfin Estimate provides an estimated market value for a home, while the Redfin Home Dashboard offers sellers insights into how their home is performing on the market. Redfin also operates as a brokerage, offering agents working with them the opportunity to be matched with buyers or sellers who visit the site seeking an agent. This serves as an effective lead generation tool, further enhancing the benefits Redfin offers to real estate agents.

6. Google Reviews for Realtors

The behemoth of online reviews is none other than Google. With its expansive reach and influence, it’s no surprise that Statista reports over 90% market share in global search engines belongs to Google.

Your business listing on Google isn’t simply an address or contact information; it’s a platform where past clients leave their feedback right next to your profile. And when prospective buyers look you up? Those reviews pop up alongside your name in the search results. A positive testimonial here could be all it takes to turn someone from a curious browser into a serious lead.

7. ApartmentGuide

ApartmentGuide is a comprehensive platform that features an extensive range of rental properties across the United States. It offers a detailed search function, enabling users to filter listings by aspects such as location, price, size, amenities, and more. The platform further enriches the user experience by providing high-definition photos and videos of the rentals, giving potential tenants a realistic preview of the property before they decide to visit.

Real estate agents, particularly those specializing in rental properties, can utilize ApartmentGuide to boost customer engagement and enhance their online reputation. One primary way agents can leverage the platform is by listing available rental properties on ApartmentGuide. This not only increases the visibility of the listings but also exposes them to a wide audience of potential renters, thereby increasing the chances of securing a lease.

In addition to listing properties, ApartmentGuide allows agents to provide high-quality photos and videos of their listed properties. This visual presentation can attract more potential tenants by giving them a clear and realistic view of what to expect. Agents can also provide detailed information about their properties, including amenities, nearby attractions, and more. This level of detail can help agents differentiate themselves from competitors and appeal to tenants with specific preferences. The platform also enables users to rate and review properties and their management, with positive reviews serving to build an agent’s reputation and attract more clients.

8. Angi

Originally known as Angie’s List, Angi is an established American home services website owned by Angi Inc. Since its inception in 1995, it has grown from a simple directory of contractors to a comprehensive platform for all things home-related. Users can access the platform to find a wide variety of local business services, ranging from skilled contractors to professional home cleaners. Angi further enhances the user experience by incorporating reviews and ratings, enabling customers to share their experiences and assist others in making informed decisions.

For real estate agents, Angi offers multiple avenues to increase customer engagement and boost their online reputation. One such opportunity is the ability to create a business listing on Angi. This feature allows agents to provide detailed information about their services, making it easier for potential clients to find them. Additionally, Angi facilitates user reviews for businesses, providing a platform for agents to display their expertise and high-quality service. Positive reviews on this platform can significantly enhance an agent’s reputation and attract more clients.

In addition to these features, Angi provides advertising and promotional opportunities for businesses. Real estate agents can leverage these opportunities to increase their visibility on the platform. While free registration is available, Angi also offers premium plans with added benefits such as complaint resolution and exclusive member-only deals. Real estate agents can utilize these premium services to further bolster their customer service and reputation. Moreover, engaging with the community by responding to reviews, addressing concerns, and demonstrating a commitment to excellent service can help build trust, fostering stronger relationships with potential clients.

9. Yelp

Yelp is a renowned online review site that allows customers to share their experiences with an array of businesses, including those in the real estate sector. It serves as a crucial avenue for potential clients to gauge the quality of services offered by different businesses based on shared customer experiences.

For real estate agents, Yelp offers several opportunities to enhance customer engagement and improve their online reputation. The first step involves creating a comprehensive business profile on Yelp. This profile can detail the agent’s experience, areas of specialization, and contact information, while high-quality photos and a professional description can make the profile more appealing to potential clients. Yelp also allows users to post reviews of their experiences with businesses. By encouraging satisfied clients to share their positive experiences on Yelp, real estate agents can cultivate a robust online reputation. It’s important to note that both the number and quality of reviews can significantly impact an agent’s visibility on Yelp.

Further enhancing agent-client interaction, Yelp facilitates engagement with reviews, both positive and negative. Responding to these reviews shows potential clients that the agent values customer feedback. Expressing gratitude for positive reviews and addressing any issues raised in negative reviews can underscore an agent’s commitment to excellent customer service. Additionally, Yelp offers paid advertising options that can help real estate agents increase their visibility on the platform, targeting users who are searching for real estate services in specific areas. Finally, reviews on Yelp can provide valuable insights into what clients value most in a real estate agent, allowing agents to refine their services and better meet client needs.

Strategies to Garner Positive Client Reviews

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is not just closing real estate deals. It’s about creating such a positive experience that your clients can’t help but sing your praises on review sites like Google and Zillow.

Timing Your Review Requests Right

The secret sauce in collecting those golden reviews? Timing. Don’t jump the gun asking for feedback right after signing off the papers. Give them some breathing room – let them settle into their new home first.

This approach ensures any potential hiccups have been ironed out before they pen down their thoughts about working with you as a realtor. A client who feels heard and valued will be more inclined towards leaving rave reviews online.

Actionable Tips For Encouraging Reviews

Besides nailing the timing of requests, there are other tricks up our sleeve:

  • Personalized follow-ups: Craft personalized emails or messages thanking clients for choosing you as their agent – this emotional connection could inspire glowing testimonials.
  • Holding open house events: An open house party post-purchase doesn’t only maintain relationships with past clients; it also opens doors (pun intended) for public praise which doubles up as great endorsements.
  • Incentives for honest feedback: A little incentive never hurt anyone. Consider offering discounts on future services or small tokens of appreciation in return for candid reviews from previous customers.

The Power Of Honesty And Transparency

Promoting honesty when soliciting customer opinions goes miles in building trust among prospective buyers while simultaneously improving service quality based on constructive criticism received from past transactions.

Remember – every piece of advice given by former customers serves two purposes – acting both as free marketing material when shared publicly (with permission), and providing valuable insights where improvements might be needed.

Key Takeaway

Mastering the art of garnering positive client reviews in real estate isn’t just about closing deals. It’s all about timing your review requests, fostering emotional connections through personalized follow-ups and open house events, offering incentives for honest feedback, and embracing transparency. Remember – every critique is a stepping stone to improvement and a potential marketing tool.

Marketing Your Positive Reviews Effectively

The power of positive client testimonials is immense. Testimonials from contented customers can be a powerful tool for promoting your real estate company and creating an impressive brand image.

Using Social Media Platforms For Showcasing Reviews

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – these are your stages to showcase those glowing reviews from satisfied customers. These platforms offer distinctive methods for sharing material that strikes a chord with your crowd and attracts potential purchasers.

A simple yet effective strategy? Craft visually appealing posts featuring excerpts from some of the best reviews you’ve received on top review sites. This serves two purposes: it highlights the quality service you provide while engaging with potential clients who may follow or stumble upon your social media profiles.

If you want to take things up a notch, consider transforming exceptional reviews into short video clips or infographics. The digital age loves visual content; such formats tend to engage audiences more effectively and amplify reach signific

Embedding Client Testimonials On Your Website

Your website isn’t just an online brochure; it’s often one of the first points of contact prospective buyers have with your real estate business. So why not make their visit worthwhile by displaying positive feedback right there?

To do this efficiently without breaking sweat (or bank), consider using widgets like GatherUp which allow seamless integration of customer reviews onto different sections of your site — like near key call-to-action areas such as property listings links or contact forms — for maximum impact. Research suggests websites showcasing genuine customer reviews increase conversion rates by 270%, so it’s worthwhile to include this in your customer feedback marketing strategy.

Remember: In today’s world where every click matters —and could potentially lead someone closer towards closing a deal — the management and promotion strategies surrounding client testimonies are essential components for success in competitive industries like real estate.

Key Takeaway

Boost your real estate brand by showcasing positive client reviews on social media and your website. Consider creating visually appealing posts or transforming top-notch testimonials into engaging video clips or infographics. Remember, managing and promoting client feedback isn’t optional—it’s a crucial strategy for success in today’s competitive market.

Wrapping Up

The digital landscape has undeniably transformed the way real estate agents operate. The power of online reviews and ratings on platforms like Google, Zillow, and Yelp has made it imperative for professionals in the industry to not only have a presence on these platforms but also actively manage their reputation there.

The significance of real estate agent review sites cannot be overstated. They are the new word-of-mouth, the modern referral system that potential clients rely on when choosing an agent. With the majority of home buyers turning to online reviews before selecting their realtor, having a robust profile across various review sites is no longer optional—it’s a necessity.

However, simply having a profile isn’t enough. It’s equally important to respond to feedback, whether positive or negative, to show your commitment to client satisfaction and service quality. This goes a long way in building trust and credibility among prospective clients.

At the same time, strategies to garner positive reviews, such as personalized follow-ups, timing review requests right, and promoting honesty and transparency, can further enhance your online image. Remember, every critique is a stepping stone to improvement and a potential marketing tool.

Finally, marketing your positive reviews effectively, be it on social media platforms or your website, can significantly boost your brand image and reach out to a wider audience. In today’s digital age, managing and promoting client testimonials aren’t optional anymore—they’re essential components for success in competitive industries like real estate.

In the end, the power to leverage these review sites rests in your hands. Use them wisely, and watch as they open doors to new opportunities and success in your real estate journey.

FAQs in Relation to Real Estate Agent Review Sites

The top review platforms for realtors include Google, Facebook, Zillow, and These sites offer a broad audience reach and industry-specific feedback.

Reviews enhance an agent’s online reputation, establish credibility, and influence potential clients’ decisions. They also boost local search presence in today’s digital marketplace.

Websites like Inman News or Realtor Magazine provide comprehensive updates on market trends, industry insights, and the latest news in the realm of real estate.

To garner more reviews as a broker, consider strategies such as personalized follow-ups post-transaction or offering incentives to clients who leave honest feedback about their experience.

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