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PRESS – Direction, Inc. – A 5-star Agency on Clutch!

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Chris Kirksey


At Direction, Inc., our motto is helping clients not just to market their services, but to dominate their markets.

We’ve tailored our suite of solutions to guide small and mid-size companies to success. You can read about some of the successful results we’ve achieved for our clients here.

Whether it’s optimizing a site for search engines or designing/developing a website, we’re the agency to choose for any business looking to launch a quality marketing campaign.

As another step towards standing out in the industry, we’ve recently joined Clutch, a ratings and reviews platform. Featuring firms across multiple digital specialties, including web and software dev to advertising and marketing, Clutch evaluates firms on the merit of their work, types of clientele, presence in the marketplace, and above all, on client feedback. Recognizing the importance of online reviews to the buyer’s decision-making process, Clutch introduced ratings and reviews to the B2B space.

While in phone calls directly with a large number of agency clients, Clutch analysts learn firsthand about various aspects of business collaboration, including the services provided, the results, project management, and other relevant attributes.

Sifting through a list of agencies in a city or given a certain specialty can be a daunting task.

In the case of SEO companies, a Clutch survey found that nearly 1 in 5 said they had a negative experience with an SEO firm.

For this reason, having personal and comprehensive reviews can make the process easier on the buyer.

And we want to make it as easy as possible for prospective buyers to feel confident that when they choose us, they’re choosing a reliable and trustworthy partner.

So far, we have five reviews up on our profile, revealing useful and positive insights.

Recently, our success has been recognized by B2B ratings and reviews firm,, who compiles client testimonials, case studies, and data, among other relevant qualitative and quantitative factors, to help buyers identify the best digital marketing companies.

Who Needs SEO, Anyway?

It’s common to think that SEO and other digital marketing techniques are solely intended for large corporations or only the savviest technical experts.

But the reality is that SEO can be used and understood by businesses of any size, from small to mid-market.

In fact, many small local businesses in a wide variety of industries are taking command of their visibility online to compete with large competitors with much deeper pockets. If anything, digital marketing has leveled the playing field in many ways.

Working with dental clients has its own set of unique challenges. Research shows that a dental practice seeking to grow needs to see 24-50 new patients a month. A solid digital marketing plan, which includes everything from identifying your target audience to conducting a competitive evaluation, is essential.

A Special Thanks to Clutch and the Direction Team

To be considered for this award is a great honor, so thank you to the team at Clutch! We couldn’t have done it without having such an extraordinary team that works day in and day out to help out clients achieve dominant positions in their local markets.

No matter your industry, or the size of your business, our team is here to help you reach the top of organic search rankings and manage ad campaigns that increase your visibility and drive sales. Whether you’re a dentist, car dealer, HVAC repair provider, or anything in between, we can help you develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan today. Just give us a call, we’re looking forward to speaking with you. 

Direction Named as One of the Top Digital Agencies By The Manifest

Sat Apr 02, 2022

Direction is a veteran-owned digital services provider, dedicated to leading small businesses towards success. We’re a reliable partner that enables companies to overcome their challenges and dominate their chosen markets.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve been recognized as a leading B2B services provider. According to The Manifest, a useful guide for businesses, Direction is among the most reviewed digital agencies in Baltimore!

A quick recap to see how we got here:

Back in 2016…

Direction was founded to support startups and small businesses in their journey to growth and success. Since then, our mission has expanded to provide businesses of all sizes with the digital expertise they require to effectively impact their market and establish an unstoppable online presence. Led by Chris Kirksey, our CEO, Direction continues to equip businesses with the resources and expertise needed to navigate and dominate the digital space.

Fast forward to 2021…

ERC Today, an employee retention tax credit company, engaged us to produce a national SEO campaign, starting with a new website build, in order to capitalize on a fast-moving initiative of government funding.

The goal of our project was to develop a lead generation website that would allow ERC Today to expose business owners to the emerging Employee Retention Tax Credit, and provide them a path to secure funding. We completed the new website within days, implementing a smooth sales funnel that has enabled them to convert and secure funding for over 275 businesses (in just the last 3 months).

We want to thank them for sharing their positive feedback about our work on Clutch.

“When we were talking through site ideas, they gave some incredible suggestions that I hadn’t even thought of. In that sense, they’re more like a partner.”
— John Gentille, Co-Owner & Chief Revenue Officer, ERC Today

This month, in 2022…

The Manifest unveiled their latest research, naming us as one of the most reviewed digital agencies in Baltimore. We’re honored to be on this list, and we’re excited to build more partnerships with business owners seeking to thrive in the digital landscape

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