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As Uber continues to claim larger portions of market share through business acquisitions and customer service, this a network any business in hospitality can easily benefit from. It’s time to claim your share of Uber‘s customer base. 

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Increase Web & Foot Traffic to Your Company With an Uber Business Listing

More than 18 million riders around the world use Uber to travel to their destination, whether it be to a restaurant, store, or back home.

Increase the number of customers who visit your business and engage with them while they’re on their way with an Uber listing. Accurately pinpoint the location of your business while providing key information so you get more relevant customers into your location. 

Features of an Uber listing via

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Accurate Business Description:

Craft a detailed business description, letting potential customers know exactly what your business has to offer

Hours of Operation:

List what hours and days your business is open and closed

Company Website:

Add a link to your business's website to your Uber listing, increasing your local traffic 

Customized Analytics:

View how customers interact with your business based on what they're searching for

Detailed Company Profile:

Include your basic business information, like name, address, and phone number so your customers know where to find you and how to make contact

Longitude and Latitude:

Show the exact location of your business by including a map pin 

Location Photos:

Include one or several photos of your business so customers can see for themselves what you have at your location 

And much more!

Local SEO Benefits of an Uber Listing

With Direction Local, our local SEO software will get your Uber Business Listing up and running in no time at all. Easily manage it through our user-friendly program. 

Increase the visibility of your business by listing it on an app millions of people use every day

Gain loyal and repeat customers as they continually see your business when they search

Ensure local customers can easily find you with an accurate, up-to-date Uber listing

Reduce your advertising costs by having a target Uber listing 

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